Title: What we learn out of school

Inside the house was another room where there were littered papers, books and magazines. The rug was the colour of sand, typical of how an all boys floor cover would look not minding what the original colour had been. The couch looked like a loaf of bread that had been eaten from the center, only it had the smell of fresh urine. The bed sheet on the mattress had various stains the shapes of maps and the size of continents.

I moved over to the closet, the hangers hung every other thing except clothes. The community of bugs and insects just concluded their town hall meeting when I opened the closet. You could see them saying goodbye to one another and walking away. The shoes smelt like a gutter.

But these were not the reason I was here. I was told that I could find the magazines here. I had sneaked into their room before but couldn’t make where they had hid them. I threw myself on a chair and peeked above the closet like a ladder and there they were. One, two, six…all seven of them. I thought to myself that these were not part of the curriculum, but boys will always find a way to teach themselves about ejaculation before biology class.


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