Two Humans

The manse is empty
The rooms are lonely
The floors are tidy
There is no much of laundry
But there’s a peaceful war
No clamours heard outside
Souls are dying in the inside
This war killing softly
Mother in-laws and their laws
The son is the crisis
For the two of us
The fire of love is quenched
So much drenched
Heart dismiss
No rest at bliss
Their patience faint
For the angels and saints
To the oracle for a demigod
The church has lost its God.

Our hearts too are lonely
And our fingers may go empty.
In trying to get our hearts tidy
We gathered words for laundry.
There is nothing like a peaceful war
For what was heard inside is now outside
All the hate has found its way inside.
No one remembers to speak Softly
Mother in-laws and their laws
We let it fuel this Crisis.
What happened to Us?
How was our fire Quenched ?
He said his soul is drenched
And love he wants to Dismiss
Once upon a time there was Bliss
But today its colour is nothing but Faint.
We have become sinners instead of Saints
Something like monstrous demigods
Thinking we know more than God.

Tochi & Miidong.

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