Strike and Locks

Today is the day
We get our pound of flesh
Or end up with less!

Placards and loud mouths
Angry faces yelling Aluta
Chanting about a justice
They just don’t know what is.

Grease some palms and the friction ends
Slow stops and and traffic. Then comes the surge
For how many days, can we endure the purge.
To strike, they must cripple the economy
Spit on the faces that promised change
Drag some names on the streets of Twitter
Spread the hashtags till their craze goes viral.

The crows have found reasons to back down
Giving way to the circling vultures
More happy meals for their soiled lips
Different names but the same pariah
Give way, the memes are here
Why does the ground suffer, when it is the elephants that fight?

Tomorrow they forget is another day
To fight a once lost battle,
One blow after another
One word before another.
They also forget that the corps will always stink.
A morning may come if they are wise
Wise enough to bring forth the rains
With gentle thunders
Shaking before making
Learning from past mistakes.

But let he who is who speak the truth
to self and see the war on blue prints.
Maybe the dust from crisps notes blinds the mind
May be it doesn’t,
Who knows?
Let they who cling to ribbons of lock down
Know that a solution comes when one opens-up.
I know there is another way.
But tell me,Why does the ground suffer,
when it is the elephants that fight?

Vera & Miidong

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