The cobwebs of your heart are in pairs
and they always begin from your hairs.
Each time you forget who you are,
It becomes a story, a bizarre.
A long ode will not clean you,
a short broom cleans what is true.
What stains hung in this room?
whose the bride to your groom.
In peace
Knob your door
frames make the score.
It’s not a lie
in your sky
your roofs
What metal decorated it,
While listening to the sun’s heat?
What do you cover
when rain still comes over?
Too many questions of home
so many answers don’t roam.

They say home was built in a day
but you’re still different today,
your painted walls looks new
your cracks are yet so few.
How about your eye guard
does it protect what is bad?
Do you listen to the sound
or is it stealthily very loud?
Do not forget the stories that protect,
charms that protect the sect.
Those without God in their tales,
have grown their own tails
and still sleep in this house
with cockroaches and a mouse.

Hold steadfast what umbrella’s your thoughts,
And beware of colored thieves,
don’t show your rainbow and sun
because of rains and the night.

Ruddapoet [TRCP] X Miidong.

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