Red cups, faint light, and the two genders
Each pursuing a different agenda
Breaths was ceasing, many were having seizures
Tongues filled with lewd remarks
Open heavens and twinkling stars
Phones were beeping, Mother’s were calling
They’re either nice or being naughty
Their innocence they’ve come to renounce
To feel importantly important
To be number one on the trend chart
With acts of social intelligence.

The scene whispered comfortable joy
And some other things we dare not speak
Saying yay to all their nays
Bringing their world to lay bare
In their eyes the fire that consumes their heart
Light shines, and fire burns
Gentle sparks and mighty scars
Reminders of when their blood ran hot
Until destruction comes, and the darkness consumes

Rooftops and an easy blow top
Jaws drop on invisible balconies
Social ramblings with unusual MC’s
Over the city, the silver moon coughs
Those who are high look down with drooping eyes
Through windows that were unlatched in a hurry
The bane of youthfulness finds escape.

On this platform, the sky becomes a chimney
Smokes blown up to usher in ecstasy
Remnants of fun, flown in from Ibiza
Chill pill comes with the blues and other colours
Tipsy feet not too eager for a fall
Half talks and meaningless advances

Depression, dizziness, drowning in the deep
These moments come easy with a steel web
Amy wine house to sing the final notes
Through the fire escape her voice echoes
Flashlights and dim wits, dimly lit
The wind blows away, the carcass of promises
In nine months time you’ll get the rest of the story.

Vera X Victor

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