Push and Pull

Aunty had a beautiful story
It begun when the young boy didn’t come,
he didn’t come on usual Fridays
something was up but she let it down,
She asked questions he couldn’t answer
during the push and pull.

I remember the tale of Jerry,
the shoe man whose shoes didn’t taste the ground,
it had soft soles of an angel,
he even kept one for his soul.
He said he knew what would kill him.
So when his madam came
she asked for her shoe
then he put it in a leather
and they did the push and pull.

The president is a female dog,
he sometimes wears the face of a Koala,
he tells us if we are so fast
we should call an Uber to take us home
The promised land.
Sometimes he looks us in the eye
he claims only him can push enemies
and sometimes he would pull God closer.

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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