Push and Pull


Not being a virgin doesn’t make her a ‘distin’,
Leave if you’re filled with doubts,
Trust is no option with emotions,
It’s to be shown with all thy heart,
Borrow pieces from words of art,
There’s more to a ‘sitter’ if you listen,
There’s more to life than cum and squirt.
With success comes a good woman-
Forget feminism, it’s a word that came from pain,
From years of living with tears in disdain;

Tender loving care is no TLC abbreviation,
It’s an oath to save our ships of relation.
‘You get what you give’ is just a quote,
Some cares died after they were broken,
For they gave all they had and got nothing.
Love all you can while it’s reciprocal,
Fight all you can to later reconcile,
Laugh all you can while there’s still joy,
Nag all you can, don’t be pregnant with pain
Leave when you can, when love is no longer on the menu.

Tomide Abdul

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