Too Soft, the Wool is a Tougher Brick

Daddy says, be stern like your face,
don’t be hard on life and it’s pace.
Lessons of life are upside down
Forget the fire when you’re wool,
hold water in your heart, be cool.
You’d be sheep wearing Lion’s crown,
the sky will bow before your home.
Be a good spirit, learn to roam
Eyes will name you, don’t be their clown.

Choose to be objects, not of pain
Learn to flow well, like falling rain.
Become a brick, face your fire
have a wool’s heart, learn to be soft
don’t go knee-bending, don’t be loft.
Let your laughter take you higher,
while your words are not forgotten
You’re my son, my heart’s begotten
Remember while you retire

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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