My Kind of Happiness

There are things we learn without being thought
So is the war we won but never fought
Good stuff! Good stuff ! Are things without tags
Numbering more than all our nations flags
“Happy you should always be ” mama said,
Good stuff i carry in my heart and head.

Just like the falcon calls the falconer
Happiness waits my call by the corner
Splendid! Splendid! That is all it is
Free from scorn and the proverbial hiss
It is the disposition of the mind
Splendid! Are things void of reasons that bind.

My kind of happiness has just one face
It is what it is , with smiles like fine lace
That’s all ! That’s all! That will be my own
Not even the wind can get it blown.
As we journey on striving hard to live;
That’s all i have , you have, that we can freely give.


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