My Kind of Happiness

I see some people choose to be so sad
That’s sad, what’s the use of being so mad?
Light up! Light up! Be a firefly
Release the tears , feel free to cry
Let your inner pieces bring peace to you
Light up! Happiness is how to get through.

I see people who care to be happy
Inhale and touch the air of their glory
Quiet! Quiet! Let the seeds bloom
Follow the light, let it exhume.
But if in the end it comes here calling
Quiet! Let go! Let it all fall falling.

The hand on the water, the ripple we see
Reminds of another under the sea.
Dive in! Dive in! Dive in the stream
My kind is the kind in a dream:
Sleepy, swooshy like a loud waterfall
Dive in! To a friendly dream after all.


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