My Kind of Happiness

Happiness is a gem that is priceless,
For it is the big stem that holds back stress.
Smile on! Smile on! Don’t ever stop.
Not now, not ever should you drop.
Doing only things that keep you happy,
Smile on! Avoiding all that is crappy.

Like a beautiful gown adorns a bride.
So does a foolish clown protect his his pride.
Dancing! Dancing! Even in rain.
Masking all, but beneath is pain.
This kind of happiness is never true.
Dancing! Though the legs ate both fixed in glue.

My happiness is dead and gone.
Cursed and never to bless like Babylon.
Weeping! Weeping! But smiling still
One wonders if the heart is steel.
My kind of happiness is true to me.
Weeping! Like a three year old stung by bee.

Younglan Louis

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