Book of Songs

“Words Under Tubes”

Healing holes
Healing words
Words of God
Words of heart
Heart gaining
Heart that ache
Ache of worlds
Ache of joy
Joy of youth
Joy in hiding
Hiding from wars
Hiding from hunger
Hunger beyond self
Hunger that shade
Shade from frown
Shade from soft
Soft pawns moving
Soft beating drums
Drums to Dance
Drums and cymbals
Cymbals screaming
Cymbals from Choir
Choir of heaven
Choir of hell
Hell with sorrows
Hell bribing agony
Agony from curses
Agony from notes
Notes to self
Notes of music
Music to shake
Music to play
Play with time
Play with light
Light and thunder
Light and streets
Streets of souls
Streets of liberty
Liberty rules flaws
Liberty is freedom
Freedom holds power
Freedom makes names
Names hold weights
Names make people
People who congregate
People who sing
Sing with tubes
Sing with clouds

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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