Book of Songs

“Player of Songs”

Draw me a string
Draw me a player
Player from the heart
Player of sounds
Sounds for my songs
Sounds for my heart
Heart that sees wrongs
Heart that pleads rights
Rights to live
Rights to just breathe
Breathe the land’s good
Breath in fresh air
Air that won’t choke
Air that blows relief
Relief from struggle
Relief from life’s weight
Weight that knows nobody
Weight would break man
Man has a short time
Man must struggle
Struggle to feed
Struggle to overcome greed
Greed kills
Greed sometimes feed
Feed a man’s desire
Feed a man’s pocket
Pocket with holes
Pocket that won’t hold
Hold a life
Hold two together
Together for the better
Together separated
Separated when it gets tough
Separated when it’s test time
Time doesn’t heal
Time only reveals
Reveals the true colours
Reveals a different song
Song that stirs strife
Song that opens past injuries
Injuries forgotten
Injuries are harsh
Harsh to the future
Harsh on a new page
Page for new story
Page for new songs
Songs that soothes
Songs with new lyrics

Victor Oyedele

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