Book of Songs

“Notes in a Fable”

Board of keys
Board of notes
Notes we write
Notes we climb
Climb on high
Climb to low
Low in tones
Low the horn
Horn for mother
Horn another
Another chivalry
Another image
Image shot
Image glimpse
Glimpse of feet
Glimpse of wit
Wit and allure
Wit in petrichor
Petrichor i delight
Petrichor i ignite
Ignite to poke a dance
Ignite and poke romance
Romance in a whistle
Romance in a flute
Flute to salute
Flute to amuse
Amuse the inner being
Amuse with melody
Melody in strings
Melody that rings
Rings for the lewder
Rings for the lyre
Lyre of David
Lyre of risque
Risque or rorty
Risque unworthy
Unworthy of muse
Unworthy to use
Use for music
Use for lyric
Lyric of death
Lyric of life
Life transiting chords
Life poisoning words
Words on a table
Words for a fable
Fable in pantomime
Fable in songs


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