Keep Quiet About It

“Go for pride”

Love will come
Love will go
Go to war
Go for another
Another will come
Another may stay
Stay to grow
Stay for you
You will be fine
You have to try
Try once again
Try to be brave
Brave is a word
Brave is the way
Way to nirvana
Way to go
Go for quite
Go for it
It is a consolation
It can redeem
Redeem thy self
Redeem your life
Life is fluid
Life is a test
Test to shake
Test that can tame
Tame your mouth
Tame it’s words
Words can mere
Words can kill
Kill your neighbour
Kill you
You are mortal
You may fail
Fail at speed
Fail on time
Time will tell
Time is friend
Friend to us
Friend for all
All of us
All with mouths
Mouth that prays
Mouth that slays
Slays for food
Slays in times of pride
Pride is not careful
Pride is no friend


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