Jilted a couple of times


“Next is grudge”

Skeletons and flesh
Skeletons we are next
Next to be broken
Next after life
Life so unfair
Life unaware
Unaware i see
Unaware are we
We’re the Halloween
We’re a murder scene
Scene with yellow tapes
Scene with sour grapes
Grapes tasted
Grapes crushed
Crushed under foot
Crushed with the hand
Hand that cared
Hand that held
Held a star
Held my scars
Scars i remember
Scars that dismembered
Dismembered severally
Dismembered even now
Now you’re sorry
Now you’re not
Not ready to cleave
Not ready to leave
Leave me to heal
Leave me to forgive
Forgive what i love
Forgive when i don’t
Don’t ask me
Don’t do it
It’s over now
It’s been enough
Enough defeat
Enough repeat
Repeat is a hole
Repeat is needless
Needless emotions
Needless attraction
Attraction deferred
Attraction deterred
Deterred upsurge
Deterred grudge
Grudge from us
Grudge from loss


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