Keep Quiet About It

“Best is Power”

Silence not noise
Silence is best
Best for man
Best for all
All will be good
All is fine
Fine is quiet
Fine are secrets
Secrets untold
Secrets unfold
Unfold to hold
Unfold to free
Free from it all
Free from bondage
Bondage of laws
Bondage is religions
Religions box
Religions cage
Cage our lives
Cage our will
Will is absolute
Will and Choice
Choice to talk
Choice to be quiet
Quiet is good
Quiet is calm
Calm your soul
Calm and seal
Seal your head
Seal your heart
Heart will tell
Heart will talk
Talk of hate
Talk of love
Love is lies
Love means die
Die for all
Die like Christ
Christ like ourselves
Christ is God
God is three
God is one
One is we
One is I
I was Roman
I was power
Power to seal
Power to keep

Younglan Louis

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