“Pieces and goals”

Gather leftovers
Gather pieces
Pieces of yesterday
Pieces from the past
Past with a blast
Past glory
Glory in unknown
Glory in future
Future promises
Future we crave
Crave the rave
Crave to unwrap
Unwrap with care
Unwrap through thoughts
Thoughts of wants
Thoughts of good
Good for me
Good for you
Me I long for
Me in my prime
Prime of fame
Prime of time
Time of greatness
Time of wholeness
Wholeness of life
Wholeness of mind
Mind so sane
Mind without chaos
Chaos and confusion
Chaos I rue
Rue being broken
Rue being shattered
Shattered to fall
Shattered and bruised
Bruised by lust
Bruised by love
Love now forlorn
Love now lost
Lost to habits
Lost to worlds
Worlds we attained
Worlds we conquered
Conquered before
Conquered to fly
Fly to bliss
Fly to goals
Goals of perfection
Goals to renew


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