How Home Healed Us


“Medicine of Truth”

Home is potion
Home is medicine
Medicine for pain
Medicine we crave
Crave for calm
Crave for love
Love retold
Love to hold
Hold inside
Hold for life
Life eternal
Life for all
All together
All in time
Time to recover
Time to heal
Heal the spirit
Heal the soul
Soul begotten
Soul of grace
Grace remembered
Grace received
Received for us
Received for Nanle
Nanle is ten
Nanle is here
Here forever
Here to stay
Stay for the stars
Stay in our hearts
Hearts of gold
Hearts of promise
Promise for tomorrow
Promise we share
Share to own
Share to grow
Grow in seeds
Grow as we bond
Bond of the line
Bond of the tribe
Tribe of lions
Tribe of Gilead
Gilead is home
Gilead we know
Know the prophecy
Know the truth
Truth we promote
Truth we oppose


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