Life and Death

A broken promise
A broken life
Life as a whole
Life is in parts
Parts of a whole
Parts to uphold
Uphold the truth
Uphold your you
You are made of gold
You are made for glory
Glory to the King
Glory on hilltops
Hilltops of bodies
Hilltops flowing with blood
Blood of the lamb
Blood from the cross
Cross made of wood
Cross every sea
Sea meant to drown
Sea deep to hold
Hold the line
Hold the shine
Shine from the sun
Shine like a star
Star lager
Star without the stage
Stage of bottles
Stage of hustle
Hustle till it comes
Hustle till it pays
Pays for the bill
Pays for the pain
Pain brings gain
Pain is constant
Constant with the rise
Constant with the flow
Flow with the tide
Flow with the rise
Rise to the top
Rise from the dust
Dust from the ground
Dust till it glows
Glows with the disco
Glows like the light
Light up your world
Light even in death
Death of a man
Death of the crown

Victor Oyedele

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