Valar Morghulis


Different paths leading to same destination
Diversification that brings peace and blood
Dreamy are the thoughts that deprives men of action
Death would shower the living eyes with a tear flood.

Imprints are what makes different graveyards
In every step taken while breathing lies a mark
If you die, is when you see the reports of your cards
I can only but wonder what add up to Iscariot’s mark

Mum said, always remember that ‘Valar morghulis’
Make use of your time and be willing to learn
Multiple quotes exists, all denoting ‘Valar dohaeris’
To make you happy without hurting others should be all you yearn

Unequal are the fingers of men for a reason
Unanimity would never be reached by all
Use your time and don’t be caught harvesting in every season
Unaltered is nature, we’ll one day permanently fall

Tomide Abdul

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