In The Middle Of A Dream


Glorious day in a fruitful garden,
Red ripe fruits, and yellow ones too.
Green leaves on giant masquerade trees,
Birds are singing, the wind is dancing softly
It’s me, you, and this beauties of nature.
Sitting beside a stream as calm as the dead.

At this point in time, all my fears are dead,
It feels like Adam and Eve in God’s garden.
Could this be the Love’s true nature?
The sun is smiling down on me, I’m smiling at you too,
Your voice is doing magic to me softly,
The garden is suddenly quiet, but i can see blushing trees.

Just two of us here burning trees,
Our emotions, touching the sky, but fears are dead.
My hand on yours, worshipping softly.
Things strange for the ears we’d do here in this garden.
My heart, blowing up like tsunami, i hope you feel it too,
No fighting, no misunderstanding, just enjoying the beauty of nature.


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