Dear Son & Daughter…


Dear daughter,

The first day I thought of you as the sun,
came with early thoughts of your feet finding funー
In life around your orbit,
exercising you innate joy for the love of flowers.
Lillies – a scent of your smile
when your cries became a usual morning chime.
If I had described love to your mother?
Don’t think I have concluded it to look like her.
It was a gift wrapped as my wife
and opening the wrappings I found a lifeー
You! A closed jewel broken from God’s precious collections,
rare like your Aunty Ruby,
I almost named you as a priceless art of innocence.
I’d choose emerald and a rose,
and don’t know which would die with me close.
Underneath my tears are prayers for your smile to never fade,
should pain itch your halo, I will be your aid.
I have drawn you a universe
and chosen to be your dad even in reverse,
I will build you a guardian and you will carry it everywhere
If you feel lonely, it will be there to guide you.
If you think of a name for it when you’re far
call it laughter,
for even while you read this
your name you know I can never miss.

Your unnumbered heartbeat without wax.

Ruddapoet Rudolph

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