Hard Work Is A Little Too Hard


Hard work is hard work,
Whether it requires some strength,
Some lazy power,
Some late nights burning candles,
Or some sleepy daylight switch.

Work a little hard;
Suffer the soles of your feet,
Travel to a place,
Compete with competition,
Until you hate to retreat.

Too hard will kill you;
You will be miserable-
In all your hardship.
In your struggle to survive,
Push just a little too hard.

Lazy is easy
But it never pays the bills.
I learnt the hard way.
Doing nothing may seem cool
Until it becomes your pain.

Son, hard work is hard .
Under the sun or a roof.
Under your species ,
It can make you lose your mind.
But must one work the hard way ?

Hard work they say pays,
But hard workers know the truth .
I suggest we live
Doing those things that  we love.
Work doesn’t have to be hard.

It is stiff to think
Of the hardness in soft work,
When ever you try
Hard to make it look less hard,
But most times,soft work is hard.

When we see beyond
The lazy moments of joy,
That our lost gain,
In all,the joy is just pain
Just like the heat in first rain.

Let’s not make this hard,
For we all know how we strive
To get less in life.
But we still try hard to get
The end result in hard work.

Sunny cold desert
Even the deaf is ranting
The blind is watching
The lame man has been running.
Here I am dressing for work

This is a strange day
the weather is quite awkward.
Who am I to rant?
Hard work sometimes seem stressful,
But consistency is key

Work hard with no pay
Hard times but we’re still focused
I sometimes feel weak
But stopping is not a choice
I know it’ll surely pay off

We burn like fire,
Too hard to keep up or flame.
Sometimes we’re like glass,
Hard to make, easy to break.
Our hard work was all not hard

Lucy works so hard.
I learn how to push from her.
She is so cunning
Tempting us with gift of bread.
We must break, we must; like glass

Yes! Its in her eyes,
In the time across her palms.
Hard work is her way,
It’s a little stiff in her
I know because she can’t bend.

Ruddapoet Rudolph

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