To the child that looks like me


I can’t wait to hold you in my warm embrace
You make my heart stop, and start it all over again
This must be the definition of love on the brain
A tear would drop as your little hand wraps around my finger
The first pact of a love that would last forever
I can imagine when you would open your eyes to see the world before you
I imagine how my heart will melt when you tell me I love you too
I can’t wait for your little hands to fill in the spaces between mine
Beautiful child full of grace why are you so fine

Beautiful child with a full face
I can’t wait to teach you about the human race
To raise you to be powerful, strong and wise
Filled with love in a world full of deception and lies
I know you will have questions about everything
But I want you to know something
That time and love will heart most of all hurt
But I’ll always be there to kiss the cuts and brush off the dirts
There is more to this that you would learn and see
But this is a little letter to the one who would look like me

Twinkle twinkle little star
I see tiny little sparks dancing round my head
An Angel is born, a gift from God
I’ll scream till my chord bursts
My heart will drown in happiness
I’ll love you, and you’ll not believe it
I’ll tell you beautiful stories of life,
And sing you lullabies when the night comes
I’ll watch you glow, even in my dark days
I’ll clothe you in all the happiness the world gives
On laughter you’ll bask and dance
But, I’ll let you know to worry less
For life is like traveling along Lagos-Ibadan expressway,
Sometimes smooth, other times rough like butter spread over stale bread
I’ll teach you to grow up strong,
Only in the right things and zero societal agitations
You’ll be what you want, not compromising your very nature
Letting you know that
Sometimes it snows peace, reign fire and other times, the sun frowns
This I’ll tell you,
Don’t get caught up chasing shadows
Be at peace with all men, live fairly
And love with more brain than heart
To the child that looks like me.

Let me tell you a story I was told
this must be told to your little brother
I was also told by my aging mother
who also heard it from her dead father.

A blind man was once leading an envoy
with other lame men following the lead
two deaf men were complaining there was noise
with one dumb man ranting on top of his voice.

They got to a dry creek and they had to swim
but it was a bright night & the sun was scorching
they deposited their money in the river bank
all slept on the river bed till dawn.

In the morning when they decided to cross,
they all drowned except the blind and dumb men.
The survivors finally reached their destination,
Both men grew old and finally departed.

Read the story above and understand life better
If you doubt the above story, we have a witness
Ask the dumb man, he’ll explain it all to you
Or look for the blind man, he saw it all.

What’s the lesson? Your disability is not a limitation,
We’ll all one day get to the end of our destination.
So, dear child, be bold & make your own decisions,
set your goals and have a vision,
for this life is nothing without a mission.


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  • Ruddapoet Rudolph

    February 23, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    It’s so funny my own version takes a different perspective. Although nice pieces, easy to comprehend where the poets travelled from.


    • Leonell Echa

      February 26, 2018 at 7:34 pm

      POV definitely would be different…


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