Poetry: When Starting Isn’t Starting Over


Weeks still walk in weakly
The hours get tired and easily sleepy
The shoulders of the desks carry neglected duties
And the sun forgets to set on mirabilis.
It starts with a resolution,
but today never leaves.
The Petri dish is mixing up solutions
That no one ever sieves.

“I will today!”
“I will everyday.”
But that is to say
I’m stuck,so i can’t move away.
It’s alright to file for divorce
that buries our misdeeds under correcting fluids.
Starting isn’t starting over if we endorse
But won’t stand for what standing includes.

It’s hard to do the mathematics
When I sleep, I wake
When I wake, I sleep
And all seem to be the same
The day is still a sing song
Of breakfast, lunch and dinner,
Of digging, sowing and reaping
The night is still a sing song

Have you considered how boring
That each year begins with January
That each year ends with December
And no one seems to be poking
The starting is just a routine
Of a starting you have seen
And the starting of a former
Is the start of the new


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