Poetry: Is This All We Waited For?


Sleep ran away
As I waited for my designers outfit
A million thoughts went into the making of the meals
And they came
And they left
And I slept
And I woke
Wondering if that was all

Sleep ran away
Again as we swore
I do,I do
And the people clapped and left
And we left and I waited
And we leaked off the ice cream
The gift was a shock
Just like a button

What now? We all have gone recursive.
A race we were inclusive.
Roots, back broken, we are not exclusive.
Long awaited, we’ve become elusive.
Less is said.
Trembling and colliding in a stranger’s bed.
Once again be led
Into a light not bright as lead.

A hundred and more to eternity.
falling in place, a relationship without an entity.
A fate worse than death, our calamity.
At zero, we hit the surface without continuity.
Eyes gone weary.
To Mary we wished to marry.
Books closed, no glossary.
All we’ve waited for is yet in the mind, just another slave to imagery.

A thousand times we have fallen
Awoken stars in slumber sunken
We started fires that they had put out,
And dug a grave within to bury doubt.
Temptations came and we overcame
We were not the best but we were better
The wrist we’d slit on the wild we’d tame
To calmly dream of success and where we’d met her.

Now a hundred days is all that is left.
The lights are dimming, the oil is out.
We’ve left the doors open to accuse worry of theft.
Is this what patience is all about?
Let’s put out the fires and then leave!
Let’s feed on each other for want of meat!
Let’s kill the spirit that fate will conceive!
Let’s watch each other. Grab a chair. Sit!


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