Poetry: There’s the Church and there’s the Building

Man in blocks
Blocks in man
The building is not of hands
The builder is God

Man is not his garment
Garment is not the man
Gorillas wear custom-made pants
Time and chance happen to them all.

Man in church
Church in man
Tenants all
The Trinity owns them

All built in God’s name
His presence making all whole
There is; truth,lie,man.

The church , the building
Choose which works for you and yours
Your end is what counts.

Churches and pews
Funerals and curfews
Locks and openings
Hieroglyphs and meanings

Like the soul is in the body
The body reveals the soul.
Crucifixes don’t make one Godly,
When a part denounces the whole.

I know a church is not its building
And the building isn’t its church.
But the church lives inside the building
So from the outside you need not search.


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