Poetry: Living Dangerously


Cutting corners with kites
Leaping unafraid of heights
Giving unaware of tithes
Slipping from religion’s writhe.
Digging unafraid to die
Building landmarks in the sky
Revealing the truth in a lie
And living without wondering why.

I don’t want to be free
I just want to be me
To show emotions like the sea
To sting like a wild bee
To denounce a cup of coffee at day
But at night, make it my cup of tea when i pray.
To feel the love the mirror framed
To step out of that portrait unashamed

Put a heart out in a pan
and juggle out trust like it is the plan.
Don’t spell retribution if you can,
for black was spelt out of a hue-man.
Don’t stitch a lot of colors around your coat,
hold a life-jacket when you dive out of a boat.
Use syllables that are not easy to quote.
When you live, read about death and drop danger a note.

Love is living without a hint.
Death holds less than what life will print.
Gay is gay, when hell leaves a peppermint,
don’t listen to the sirens, they have a window tint.
God is God, no shades of gray.
His hair the same like light when you pray.
Watch your back if friends hold the way
only family will pray for your sun to stay

Scaling through.
A bet laid for a joker.
Scaling what’s true.
Resend again to the one who’s sober.
Fresh, neatly she’d brew.
Poison, slightly coffee, stone colder.
Think it through.
A reproach too wild for the sober.

Last minute.
A cheer to a life, you don’t mean it.
Sipping what’s hotter.
A life dangerously better.
Danger is pleasing.
A thought needed without reason.
What’s needing?
Live dangerously, it’s our season.


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