Poetry: Ode To The Love I Never Returned


To the love I never returned,
the one who was on a ferry with quiet
that never showed what bricks her walls contained.
I didn’t know the waters were ever going to flow right.
Some are stories without a jingle until the bell tolls.

To the love I never returned their calls.
I was busy knotting a tie I saw clearly untied.
Have you seen a head hair didn’t tie?
You dropped missed calls when I had built walls.

To the love I never returned by day.
You took forever from August to May.
My love fella like those rains,
then a rainbow showed more often with pains.
You didn’t allow the birds to flutter wings
You make up stories of blue skies and tearful stings.

To the love I may never return.
My heart is one, pure, fragile with a door,
it needs just a key, I don’t insert more.
You may have come late here,
but early will find you somewhere there.
Don’t give up when this becomes an Ode
Haikus make good poems when it uses a love road.

I have waited for not so long.
My love , I am done waiting
I have prayed for far too long.
Sunshine,i am done praying.
For your song, your smell and that face
That rained on my parade.

You were never my everything,
But you made up most of my everyday.
You made things happen
You made nothing happen
What was life with you, anyway?

Know that this is my Last hello
Our Tomorrow shall begin with a goodbye
Know that I waited,
For you
and all the uncertainties that dwells in you .
Know that I cried
Not for you, but for my self.

So go, go and love another again
This time she will be better
She will remind you of me
But she wouldn’t be me.

So go, go and love another again
But know
She may never wait for you,
She too may leave and never return.

I noticed the little big things
The rush to help scrub my back in the bath
Because you needed to spy on my body
And how my short dresses
Annoy me that they annoy you
The doting after me
That kept wiping sleep from my eyes
The holy advises that got me into practical troubles
The tuneless love songs
I thought were not heart throbbing
But you sang anyway
These are my memories of you
Painted on the canvas of my heart
When you left.
It’s hard to notice the stream kissing the river


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  • w@sh

    December 29, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    Good one


    • Leonell Echa

      December 30, 2017 at 1:19 pm

      Thank You.


  • Younglan

    December 31, 2017 at 5:10 am

    To The Love I Never Returned!!!!


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