Poetry: The Memories We Forget


Forget the past!
The past will help you remember scars.
Remember,scars are not like mirrors.
Mirrors show you everything bare.
Everything,bare; the hurt, the happy.
The happy moments are not the best photographs.
Photographs still show how bitter looks.
Bitter looks happier now than i remember.
I remember every memory i forget,
I forget every inkling that comes with regret.

Those memories we forget
We forget because they are aborted dreams
Aborted dreams are not as painful as busted hope
Busted hope griefs the heart like lost love
Lost love trekking deliriously on a forbidden island
Forbidden island is not charted on the world map
World map is yet to locate me
Locate me as I do not exist in form
My body and soul do not require a certain place .

There are memories we love to forget
To forget is quite an easy task
Easy task it is to forget things we less cherish
Cherish all that are your memories
Your memories wear the outfit you clothe them
Clothe them well and you’d remember their smile
Smile; it’s what teases the brain to recollect
To recollect a smile is a function of the brain
The brain is the power house of remembrance-
That is if you give it a chance

Some happenings, we choose to forget
To forget doesn’t mean that they never were
“Never were” is said of pains that came in glittering boxes
Boxes! Those bare things we do not even speak of.
Speak of that day I lost the flower for the road
The road was in spirals , was I dreaming?
Dreaming birthed some of my regrets
My regrets are not so common
So common how i find solace in madness
And time may be too shy to free it from sadness.



Photo Credit: bloemfonteincourant.co.za

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