Poetry: I Do Not Search For What I Already Have


What i already have now, i deserve.
I deserve the galaxy if i am a star.
A star is the actual face of a good night.
Night is the only place i bury my sorrows.
My sorrows insist on evading tomorrow.
Evading tomorrow is an impossible drill.
Drill until satisfaction begins to feel.
To feel is a verb, to love is the magic.
The magic is what you don’t search for,
It is forgiveness, kindness and a little more.

What do I know?
I know mountains kiss the sky.
The sky is the limit to being human
Human is enough to have what you have.
You have the power to wear sunshades over little mistakes.
Little mistakes do not search to be forgotten soon.
Soon enough Words will not be hard to find
To find water, you must first find dirt
Find dirt and dig in through to find earth.
Why do you search for a new rebirth?

I do not search for what I do have
Do have the courtesy to have a limit
A limit is a necessary good
Good doesn’t come any easy
Any easy is but an uncertain affair
…Uncertain affair is searching for what one has
Has there been any who seeks what he owns?
He owns that which all men seek
Men seek to own that which is beyond them-life
Perhaps that is why the world is in strife


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