Amby Ezem Talks About Her New Book “Aha m bu Chizaram”

Her first book, Soul’s exhale (breathing & bleeding) was published on the 20th of July, 2017. That same day happened to be her birthday. SEB&B as i’d like to call the book, is a five chapter book of poetry and prose, with each chapter serving different purposes and representing parts of “her” soul (both imaginative and real life). It explores quite a few emotions. If the emotions were put on a scale, it’d be in descending order from the expressions of anger, rage, revenge, sadness, hurt and denial to acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and healing.

Generally it is a book for healing, comfort, hope, empowerment, encouragement and peace with a few hints of sarcasm that talks about womanhood, painful love, beautiful love, love in the family and briefly touches on a wider aspect of life.

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