Poetry: The Thing With Giving Thanks!


Hark oh beautiful morning!
I savor the gift of sun, moon and earth.
The blessings that the heavens keep pouring.
Family, love, wisdom and its rebirth.

For words knitted in the wind passing by
The welcome, fun, pain and goodbye.
Gratitude is just a word I’d feast on with my mind
for choosing me to survive daily among my kind.

Thanks hath seen me thus far,
Filling my thoughts and my soul.
Not just for a day,
But for days I know nothing about.

It is good my life turned out this way;
Being a mess on clean days,
Knowing very little of nothing.
I have not got it all figured out till now.

I have had a feel of the storm.
For as many the paths I have trodden,
None has taken me far from home,
None has broken my inner core.

So many left without goodbyes,
With each tear I built a fortress
for myself
and for those who will need a place to call home.

What will be me without you?
The second constant after the Northern star.
You are a true rock of Gibraltar,
Grow and never look back.

To all that truly is good,
For all that have honestly been good.
To all that will shift to the sight of life,
And all who will make me tear;

Thank you for finding me worthy,
Thank you for making me human.

Even on my failings
Your eyes greet my soul
The looks of undying love

Feeding my heart a happy touch
Lord, I feel the hands of your care,
Caressing my worries away.

Thank you for these past days gone.
Thank you, for I know my pocket being weak now ends.
Give am strength to take stands
Please cuddle my wallet
Make I for kiss money-
Your boy broke.

As I dey take flex faith so
I wan make success feel me
Make she feel wetin blessing feel;
All week satisfaction.
Baba if nor be for your mercy?

To those days that came out good,
Days that promised but didn’t fulfill.
Weeks that came out like they should,
And months whose leftovers were left to spill…

To love i couldn’t share,
To times my conscience would despair,
To seasons that doubt, like dresses, i would wear
And wonder why i should be here…

For forgiveness and sin
For hardship i’ve never seen
For unknwown battles i’ve won
For the darkness that made light shine on

To those wars that tore us apart
And endings that remind us of the start
This is to memories that refuse to depart


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