Poetry: Life Happens


Life wrestles us to a broken ligament,
Then takes the crutch from under our arm.
It paints us deep to a forgotten pigment,
Yet claims not to have been the color of harm.

Our tears will flood a mighty settlement,
Pain will grow as if planted in a farm.
To days we survive,it is not what life meant.
To nights we die, we couldn’t settle with our charm.

We can save a dollar, save a naira or a cent,
Call security and sound the alarm,
Build condos and never worry about rent
But life remains the protector and the harm.

Death is the opposite of what life is
hurrying seeds to find their end when they die.
It paints us deep into a seizing bliss.
Yet, Christians say don’t question the most high.

Our tears have become stale with peace
Holding the final words like goodbye.
Many say less during moments in a kiss.
How life can shut you up, when you were born to cry.

Life is a stage, a mic, lights and words for a diss
Sometimes rhyme with anything, don’t forget to sigh
If it throws 16 bars, freestyle your heart and piss.
Never let it win, be something else like gosh oh my.

To the light skinned and dark, life’s not fair.
For like the South wind death came by.
Waiting who will fall for its snare
Those who scaled gave their deepest sigh.

How true? He that gives, takes same air.
We are all birthed to die.
One dead, leaves the next in despair.
Sobbing gazing through sorrow’s eye.

Hope you see our trickling tears sear?
Our fate we’ll accept with a sigh.
Our souls will leave our bodies bare.
As our spirit walk through the sky.

Emny Circuit.
More than will, more than strength
You need to sacrifice more to life
Pay your dues, pay your rent
Do whatever you must to stay alive

But no matter your life’s length
You have to bear to thrive
From your first days to your nth
Sip the lemon with the rife

Life deals us a painful torrent
And even when we do survive
We can’t hide from the direst event-
Death will leave an old man and take a boy of five

O my! I cannot fathom all about life
What is her relationship with death?
Those two are an item, like a husband and wife
Thinking of them, forces the mind to catch its breath

There is a mystery to them that goes beyond strife
Death gives the purpose to life a greater depth
Weaved with golden petals that have no life
Tis in no way ever in dearth

Behold this divine message rife
Death is life, and life also is death
He who weds his life, shall loose her as a wife.
Divorce your mind from the seductions of earthly wealth



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