Poetry: Love, Forgiveness & Healing


There are too many of us
Wearing too much distrust.
It’s becoming infectuous,
It is spreading like a rust.
Our envy is becoming dark brown metal dust
Forgetting that loving is a function
That has to be a must.
We need to turn our nos to yeses;
Affirmation is the cure.
We sing songs about happiness,
Only we sing them no more.
We’ve tried out depression,
It only exhumed our scars.
Let’s try out confession,
And believe in what she has.
Commitment is a song.
Forgiveness is so strong;
It’s like a mother’s constitution,
It can never be wrong.
Let’s dance to release!
Let’s savour the ease!
Let’s turn this war into a feast!
If we forgive one another,
We would harvest the increase.

The heavy burden of our heart
Is the envy burning off our earth
Life ought to be an art
Where we carve each others path
Give me your back and you’ll have my pat
On the hill of your shoulder is where I’ll have my cry
Forgiveness is hard, but we have to try
Yes life is hard, but we’ve got bigger fishes to fry.
Why hate a brother?
Isn’t that another bother?
Live, love, create no borders.
Why clasp your fist
When we can have a feast?
Blood is bitter!
Wine is sweeter!
Happiness comes with ease,
But hatred is a disease.
This season is unique,
Let us carve a niche
A sobriquet;
‘Sow forgiveness,
harvest happiness’
Let the ambience be filled with bouquet

Envy got spiced with pretence
That is what got us to this place
Men cursing and praying
Counting others losses as blessing

Life was meant to be glorious
For both the reserved and curious
Giving comfort at its ending
With joy from its beginning

But the things I see are not for mouths
For years have turned into months
With bed of lies we are to trust
And love too has lost its guts

It speaks no more for the broken hearted,
Nor does it care for the lambs that have been deserted
Trading what is for what will never be
Giving up the sky for the sea.

Someday a filling shall find this lack
For being blind doesn’t make the world black
Forgiveness will stand above all, tall
And time shall conquer us all.

We’ve swam in bad oil but escaped the fry.
How come our lives came out dry?
I’ve never seen joy become so pained,
Willing to die hanging on the cross, nailed!
By things that define our happiness through.
Now same things deny us our peace.
Will love still feel the same?
If it does, who will tell?
For we lost our feels to unripe emotions,
Our thoughts still taste sour.
A brother is just that enemy unknown.
If he’ll cross the borders,
His true identity will be revealed.
We all prey one falls sometimes to see those dying
Moments captured in 3-dimensions of wickedness.
So our unseen pain we’ll share.
Stop! Take a walk towards hope on the path of love.
Only then we’ll find friends that fit.

Emny Circuit.
There are friends who are enemies
And there are enemies who are friends
Little wonder they say “some lads are frenemies”
Those disgustful lot, who’d sing a man’s praise
Leading him to a dance of ruin
Knowing fully well the destruction that lies ahead
Indeed envy is spiced with envy
Careful the advices you feed your ears
Poisonous meals exist also.

Deadly sins exist with its ease
to destroy what hate made of peace
A piece-
Heart embodied in evil clothing
to make merriment of it all.
Broken are pieces of timber
the one whose root found the waters of heaven.
Love did not have the guts
to weigh in where homes lust.

Tongues may tell but words will be better
When night is fingered to come into Dawn.
Here I flipped over the sound of day
to sing songs of the undead.
Fortunately forgiveness is a father
Furiously fighting fears for faith.
Commitment may commit
Consciously closed choices.
I know these tales well
and if you fetch the water, you’d meet the well


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