Poetry: 6 Couplets for Nurseries.


Roses are red, some, that is true
And we recite this poem without having a clue.

Jack and Jill was story like no other
And yes, they both also had a daughter.

The two blackbirds sitting on the wall
Were actually named Silas and Saul.

Humpty Dumpty had a very large head
That’s all that Rhyme Should have read.

Old Roger didn’t die, he just went in a cave
And his family found a tree and dug his grave.

Knock knock who’s there?
Your coffin and a conscience that’s clear.

There exists a danger of any single story
To the intuitive mind, it’s a thing of worry

The pages of love painted all roses red
There are other colours as well- from a piece I read

Cupid must have worked a number on our minds
Take a look around, you’d be shocked at what your eye finds.

There is such a thing as true love still
For ‘a good Jack makes a good Gill’

So Jack, if from some troubled hill you come falling down
Be rest assured that there will always be a Gill in town

Waiting to affectionately mend your broken heart.
The dangers of a single story is that it only tells of one part

Smaug had looked me in the eye with its fears
Amusingly bigger than the polar bears’

Our girl next door had strange stories to tell,
And those with weak minds gallantly fell.

Bah bah bah sheep hadn’t any wool,
That was the assumption by one sane fool.

The great Gatsby had no mentor
And so his was tagged a traitor

The lone ranger was never a ranger,
Tell me, what can be more stranger?

And so his good , their bad and my terrible,
Built me a conscience most incredible.

I met one hobbit, a foot taller,
With toes that fit shoes on a footballer.

At daylight, one man got lost in time
But he could transform into Octopus Prime.

John Bull’s parents lied, they didn’t send him school.
He was home listening to DJ Samkool.

Have you seen that dance by Mean Girls?
I’ve not seen it, but I loved their hair curls.

Girls are so mean they hid Alicia’s keys
Some boy, Merlin, broke the locks with ease.

Like though he is the king of hearts.
Breaking them was one of his arts.

Emny Circuit.
Cedar was a tree in my dream
It grew tall and tickled the brim.

Jesus and Satan were once brothers
but they had grown different from their mothers.

Home was a book existing on stage
until we became letters that made the page.

Fiona ran away from home and was raised by a dragon
No wonder she knew tales of that Aragon

Pepê Le Pew had a Jamaican accent
his speed was a Tasmine Devil descent.

Shrek and Hulk grew eating Apples
until Buster moon introduced poems on Pineapples.

A is for Apple
I never saw any
I didn’t eat any
And her blue eyes took their breath away
I saw only brown eyes
Jaundiced eyes, red eyes, angry eyes !
The sky is blue
It is now I noticed
In a strange land
Because at home
The sky is pregnant ,with clouds dark,
A promise of a wet day
The poets lied again
Have always lied to us .


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