Poetry: When Will Night & Day Tie?


In the frightening darkness
That overthrew the sunshine
that strode all day in its fullness,
Two emissaries bearing differences
Struggled for the grail
While mortals are left to wail.

They wrestled with their tusk
Night and day
In the presence of dusk.
The mood was anything but gay

Until tiny stars on set upon the earth
Regaled the nightfall, raised it from death.
The breath of luminescence
Was too strong for the darkness.
The darkness wrestled,
But the stars wore a fortitude of persistence

Until the moon came
In its grandiose wholeness
And beamed its light
overthrowing the darkness.
But they wrestled on
Until king morning came.

Darkness lay dead in its tomb
Waiting to fight another day
Or perhaps another night.
Every other night will be once dark
And the fireflies would be back

The contest is the fray.
A clasped hand is to pray.
But that is not to say
Daylight is light everyday.
There’s daylight in the night anyway,
The black in the little dark
To which the dogs bark everyday.

This wrestle will never win.
When daylight battles her twin,
The moon and sun together will be a terrible scene.

But they will settle by the Grail,
One win and one fail.
Daylight is the conscience that tonight is not.
Tonight is the darkness against which daylight fought.

Tired out, daylight goes away
To let darkness nurse her pain.
But darkness gets to pay,
Because daylight must return again.

Everything comes alive with light,
Even things that fright.
Sanity finding relevance,
Stupidity too , importance.

Mere mortals sadly choose the dark,
For in it they find the spark
That sends shivers to your sutures,
Forgetting that the past too has a future.

Both can leave men with sight, blind
And the cruel, a chance to be truly kind.
To one who was lost to the hustle
To one who lives to tell the tale.

With lies kept at a distance ,
Both to me are of equal importance.
For rest they give each other ,
And we-men, a sense of order.

So let day be day and night,night
Being contenders and lovers.

I watched its yellow flame die,
Once bright, now smoke filled the sky.
It hid the faces of stars
And covered the cloud’s scars

Night felt like a lost day,
And days lose their lights
To these fields of burning hay-
Hoping it gets quenched in the bight

In the dept of darkness’s shine,
Brew your little light like wine.
Spice it up every minute in time.
If you still can’t taste light, add up lime.

At the end of time they’ll say their byes,
like when darkness reigned.
Then light will take full course,
Ruling its own rise and fall.

For these familiar strangers never crossed paths,
Light and darkness, day and night.
I’ve seen both at the horizon
Bidding each other farewell.

Emny Circuit.


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