Poetry: Sides that Matter

taking sides

Do not allow the touch
that lights up a fire that burns.
If you ignite so much,
make sure to smoulder, you take turns.

For love has been called selfish,
so i choose to stick with me.
That way i avoid the blemish,
and skip the story that cries up a sea.

Relevance is reverence
for an elephant
because of its size.
Elegance is arrogance
when beauty beholds
with only eyes.

The potion love consumes,
is a virus that kills its remedy.
Love is sure, but always assumes,
That’s how a friend becomes an enemy.

Relevance seeks not the heart of glass,
whenever it shatters, the noise however calls.
I am a school of my own class,
If tomorrow stands tall, why do sorrow bring waterfalls?

I tasted love as a child in my mother’s breasts
It was a potion that started with a cry.
Life told me love is a result of wooden tests
given to the drum that makes the oil fry.
I know fire, but so does ice
One is in my heart, the other, my eyes.
When I’m broken, the fuel will light up both
And leave me naked, not even with a cloth.

I have travelled this box finding a round hole
So I bury myself like Abraham did with his soul.
Come with every tragedy, bring forth all you got
I know of comedy that makes cold faces become hot

With the lava of fiery spasms
That must erupt when the truth comes
You know, the relevance of reverence-
That act of renewing a virture;
Reclaiming balance as the ultimate law
that cannot be transgressed.

We must be careful with size
Perhaps same applies to sides
Elegance and arrogance are the sides to relevance.


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