Poetry: A xylophone of October


Build us today a solemn place,
one where we won’t be needing space.
Where time is the highest bidder,
a place where we find our leader –
a memory we won’t erase.

Let down the curtains from your face!
Strike the chords in amazing grace!
Let this script find them a reader.
Build us today.

August remembers to disgrace.
July won’t ask us to embrace.
Tonight is the mouth of cedar;
sweet. October is our believer.
Promise is how we end this race.
Build us today.

Dum Ding Duum the music of old.
These eight beats make memories gold;
they covered me since I was ten,
and also watched boys turn to men.
It started just like we were told.

So these rhythm will become bold.
November will come with its cold,
when dry wood echoes how or when.
Dum Ding Duum

Don’t let the music drum and fold
Listen carefully, these notes hold,
like the liquid trapped in a pen.
October is a lovely den,
to your soft ears it will behold
“Dum Ding Duum”

Behold a new salient sound sure
Tis ushering a new month pure
Stringing sweet pentatonic tunes
Struck by the mallet heaven croons-
Sure, it is a divine sound pure
Come let’s dance to this tune allure
Mary’s devotion provides cure
From all worries that is June’s
Behold a new sound…

Sleek on a rhythmic couture
Fashion the souls that all men lure
Would you wear the sounds that she spoons?
October is the month that prunes,
Out uncertainties not secure
Behold a new sound…


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