Poetry: Love is not a word


It is okay to feel regret,
but to repeat the same deed yet
is an insurmountable threat.
Her heart’s to let! Her heart’s to let!

The language of love is the same
It’s like putting picture to frame.
If actions speak, they’d also claim
love and a name,love and a name.

Love is not a word. That is true.
Those who believe in this are few.
Sometimes our hearts will say we do
without a clue, without a clue.

It’s a confinement with its girds.
With the other, you become birds.
She is your thoughts, more than two-thirds
Some married words, some married words.

Deep in the heart, the words exist.
It’s a safe room to be encyst.
The lips say it, they don’t desist.
More than a tryst, more than a tryst.

Love’s not a word spoken with tongues,
It’s spoken with hearts, thoughts and lungs.
Making it a chair with its rungs.
it rights our wrongs, it rights our wrongs

I’m muscled and hit like a gong,
Synched by the sound of the sweet song,
Even when its key appears wrong.
Feelings so strong, feelings so strong.

Like the biggest star, it shines bright.
Soft hearted, a beast in my sight.
And like a dream it stole my night.
Bring back my light! Bring back my light!

It cuts through my thoughts like a knife.
Dying that way, may save my life.
Showing me that every strife
Was long made rife, was long made rife.

Emny Circuit

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