Poetry: Where Do My Prayers Go?


Daily, lately, i kneel and pray
for ache and strain to go away
I eat my heart all night and day
for grace to stay, for grace to stay.

The sun is light i believe in.
The moon is dark light uneven.
In faith i ask the all seeing
for the season, for the season.

I have often imagined though
that somewhere that i do not know,
my prayers leave me and they go
as seeds i sow, as seeds i sow.

Where does my prayer go by dawn?
Does it travel with the words drawn?
Has it become the sun withdrawn?
Is it just gone? Is it just gone?

Where does my prayer go by noon?
Does it go to bring answers soon?
Or find shade in the afternoon?
What is its tune? What is its tune?

Where does my prayer go at night?
Does it also follow the light?
Or just travel out of my sight?
Was it said right? Was it said right?

This thought has been for a long time,
Of how I seem to fall and climb
Giving thanks and telling my crime
With words of mine,with words mine.
But tell , where do they really go?
Carried by my friend or my foe
Who has been here form long ago
Not from below, not from below.

What ever is, I am assured
For it counts and makes me feel cured
Of all that stuck and all I poured ,
That made me soured, that made me soured .

If they’ll sail heavy words will drown
If they’ll fly dense words will stay down
Then they’ll just wonder around town
From dusk to dawn, from dusk to dawn

Voices raised high won’t get to Mars.
Solemn subtle sigh reach the stars
Whispering until it pitched bars
Please heal my scars, please heal my scars.

Again these prayers I will sing
Until it hits; stone from Dave’s sling
Deep, beyond the surface digging
Else go missing, else go missing.

Emny Circuit
I ask,where do my prayers go?
Do they like the free waters flow,
To moisten the plea’s my heart sow?
I do not know, I do not know

Perhaps to the heavens they go
I have reasons to think it so-
A power weeds out my woe
It makes me grow, it makes me grow

Where will my prayers go? i ask;
Understanding it’s no small task
Granted, there are wishes I mask
Prayers do bask, prayers do bask.


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