Poetry: Dreaming Dreams

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As these dreams sail on wheels of love
Lord take control and make them move
As you have done for my friend Sean
Lord let me flourish like a bean

Happy;for you are my own prove
That faithfulness does make a grove
For the man who believes to have-
Achieved, someday that which he crave.

The demons in my dream come from a womb,
From woods too dark for light to comb.
I awake to remember nothing said,
And struggle to forget like a broken maid

The dreams you remember are really kind
They’re blown but never leave with the wind.
Others vanish as their meanings never come
Cos with us some dreams don’t find a perfect home

Life, fleeting in a sun that can pull
skies into the rains while your clouds drown
Sleep will travel through a pillow of mull.
Knowing your dreams has dreamily grown.

Highs and lows can leap me so.
A ground will hold the sun when it’s low,
swelling pores become a drive to
see pink cows when they bow.


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  • Tee2emm

    September 13, 2017 at 6:05 am

    Pure beauty.


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