Poetry: Labels


We carried it on our foreheads,
our sheets didn’t tell the beds.
Breath was on our rights and birthmark
along we bore it with clay and spit.
It only shone while we found the dark,
hardly did we lose sight in the pit.
We were humans marked with labels
served to live to feed from those tables

Lifestyle fit help person or cause harm
Na how person take live life
Dem dey take label am;
Weda or not hin be good husband or wife
Small pikin dem sef join.
On how e be, we fit tell;
Pikin wey go joy smile from the one wey go pain groin
For future. Base on signs wet their lifestyle sale.

“100% Christian”
Read it over and again
The contents must show same
Don’t believe your eyes, check
The sticker with your eyes’ mind.
Discern, test the quality through
Wait a while, their labels fade
But the maker knows the content.True

Emny Circuit
If a spade is a spade,
Then a whore is a maid.
Great gifts look bad in boxes
As do stories with bad synopses.
You are what you answer to.
Labels cannot label you.
A rose called a tulip is a rose anyway,
And the smell still remains the same any day.

Let there be nothingness
Was God’s first statement
Then was a world filled with emptiness
No religion, no Bible, no testament
Before God created Adam and Eve
Before Cain and Abel
No good, no bad, no sin, no reprieve
There was just nothing, no label


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