Poetry: Yesterday is Here


Yesterday came back pointing fingers,
Pointing fingers at the debts we owe.
We owe today to finish tomorrow,
Tomorrow may never be enough to begin.
To begin heaping memories and wishes,
And wishes are mere fair weather friends.
Friends, some sort, never do comprehend.
Do comprehend that yesterday would return
…[W]ould return with pinned paper parcels
And bricks to build our imagined castles.

The nostalgia came rushing
Came rushing to keep my mind fresh
Mind fresh from memories of mixed yesterday
Yesterday seemed a thousand years ago
Years ago when I was a man hurt for love
For love I’d kill a thousand men
Men are but victims of memories
Of memories sweet and sore
And sore wounds, they never heal
The yesterday is here, but I will climb this hill

Did you hear the turn around?
Turn around and find your tail.
Your tail was in front leading you before
Before time tasted sour with the sun
The sun that marked the hour with the ground.
The ground was wet now it is so dry
Dry presents started wet, it has a look alike.
Look alike begins with the sun and ends with the moon.
The moon has become tired from doing the same work
For Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday all are from one rock.

He rode this road to get away from Today
From Today who was choked with dust that still fly.
Still fly on the path of Tomorrow.
Tomorrow hid her smile and swallowed her pride.
Her pride to hatch the new sun(son)
New son who grows in the past’s future
Future that oftenly boomerangs
Oftenly boomerangs through time and back.
And back from his distant travels,
Yesterday’s here. What then unravels?

Emny Circuit
Yesterday is here,so they said.
They said that things wouldn’t remain the same.
The same was said of today.
Today had the energy of a bullet,
A bullet so gentle as a feather,
A feather that broke bones,
Bones that shall carve our tomorrow .
Our tomorrow , we forgot.
We forgot to bid the past good night
And it remained , drinking all our light.

Don’t expect yesterday to go,
To go in a hurry as such,
As such that today would be alone,
Alone in jungle of thoughts,
Of thoughts of living to face,
To face anxiety when tomorrow is not conceived.
Conceived thoughts are housed in days,
In days like yesterday and today.
And today would not have crossed a bridge
If not holding hands with yesterday in pilgrimage.



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