Poetry: Sierra Leone


Freetown didn’t decide to let this one slide
One slide, the mudslide became so wild –
So wild blessing overflowed into a curse.
Curse, now they drowned before they drank.
They drank their many nights into many days,
Many days, many prints the mud’s taken away
Away to not return, away is so unsure
So unsure how tragedy located this part.
This part of the story they reported mild
When Sierra lost many including another child.

Father to my brother, uncle to my earth,
My Earth has spoken through the words by God.
By God, blood rained for 11 years.
Years have become white, Ebola cuts in
Cuts in to hold tight the woven life
Woven life lived in polygamous baskets
Baskets of rice sown to the ground from mud.
From mud you came, from mud you shall travel.
Shall travel steal you and you become a freeman?
Know this is a Freetown for man and also woman.

Strife roams around the street of this town
This town; a shadow of the founding dreams of free town
Free town is a free clime for free practice
Practice by which illegality thrives
Illegality thrives- a bane cultured by our greed
Our greed-that subtle trait for uncivilized trade
Trade rightly if you must
You must contribute your bid
Your bid- to build and mine right
Engage professionals to throw more light

Her boarder hemmed the edges
The edges of Africa’s West
Africa’s West and the shores of Atlantic ocean
Ocean which saw her bleed for years
For years she was raped by civil wars
Civil wars fought while the world cheered
Cheered just like 1961 April’s independence
April’s independence brought memories of freedom’s fights.
Freedom’s fights to buy a Freetown.
Her earth wealth’s godown.

If ever I would lose my possessions,
My possession, not as a free man,
A free man born in freetown,
Freetown now inhabited by mudslides,
By mudslides that caused lives to slide,
To slide underneath the age,
Age of free people overthrown by fluid falls,
Fluid falls diluted with jinx,
With jinx that slacked our tongues,
Our tongues loosened, still we’re walking up the rungs.


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