Poetry: Bloody Rats!


Okay! Wait! Listen!
I think something is missing!
Some tails are heads of states?
I know some calendars without dates.

Alright!True!Something’s missing!
Someone who’d tell is kissing.
Funmi awaits…
Funmi’s fate…
Funmi’s lassa
She must fumigate!

Yes! No! Nothing is missing!
Someone’s honesty is leaving.
This is a trap!
Do not tap!

The mouse have chased a general,
A drift from the natural.
The mice here have long claws
Like a lion’s paws
Miniature in a giant’s skin
A cow scared of walking over a pin

We are due to fumigate
Our Warren G should ‘regulate’
The filth has become obvious
Our minds’ eyes are still oblivious
For it is too dark here
There’s this thing about the unknown and fear

In the arena of heroes and villains
You’re bound to find sorrow and pains.
The hunter and the hunted sometimes trade places.
Trouble is known to wear many faces.
The stimulus of fear is interpreted by the head,
But not when the head has suffered stampede

My fellow compatriots,
We must look for forces,
From heaven or from the devil himself
From saints or wizards,
To cast spells on our ears and mouths
We seek to speak in rodent tongues

My fellow compatriots
We shall summon the bloody rats,
Send them a letter to hire their best lawyers
A judge must settle us
These lousy rats have turned politicians
Turning our mighty land to a playground

My fellow compatriots
These rats are bourgeoisie
They feed only on relevant documents
They live only in public offices
They make the laws
My fellow compatriots, do we really have a case?

Omolola Onigbinde
All that glitters is not gold
Such a slipper!
Navigating through unseen holes
With good, they can’t be trusted
Leaving gory marks on paper stamps

Four legged miscreants!
Dragging their furry chest in a mess
Walking loyalty to destroy
Drenching in their own stress
Clawing, always through reality

Little eats!
Paper treats!
Stealing feed!
These bloody creatures;
Human caricatures.
Books and their covers.

Dem talk say
I hear say
Slap me make I hear
Tory leke plazas

Wetin you want make I talk now
I no fit to dey blow lie ,
This kind Tory pass my power
Na Tory leke plazas proper

Soo , I put the cheque for my pocket,
As I dey sleep for night my hand dey touch am,
God see me fa!
How the rat come shop the cheque
Plus my hand way I take hold am
Plus my hand and wetin call
Like say na national cake
Till tomorrow, the thing pass my power
E bi like say I go go India
Make dem mould for me another one
Abi, na Tory leke plazas

The cheque nko?
I beg ,why you dey lawyer me
I talk say rat chop am
Rat chop the money
Rat chop our budget
Rat chop our salary
Rat chop our road
Rat chop our life
Even as I dey talk now
I no get sanku again
Rat chop my manhood
Rat from Benue
Rat from Borno
Rat from Delta ,kano ,
Abuja rat
National rats
Useless rats
Rat rats

Peeping through bored holes
Binging off our souls.
Feeding off our soiled thumbs,
And leaving a trail of crumbs.

Laid through an open pot,
But they’re a pretty evasive lot.
Scurrying in every direction.
Turning perfection to infection.

Bearded ones too.
Promises that dead rats knew.
Matching through, a procession of scorners.
Leaving dried shit in secret corners.

Cleaned up the place yet so messy.
Looking all dressy.
In moves so classy.

Pretty rats.
Working hard in tarts.
Pretty rats.
Hitting hard like darts.
Pretty rats.
Easy come easy go don’t take it to heart.

Messy one.
Crazy one.
Sending him out was a classy one.
You little adorable one.
Start your count from one.
Till you’re the only one.

Bloody Nigerian rats!
Bloody conferences!
Bloody declarations!
We’ll show them who’s boss!
We are of the Jewish race!
The world must hear our case!

Bloody rats!
Screaming confederation!
Agitating division!
Bring in the cats!
Away with Biafaran rats!
Araba! Araba!

Them or us?
Here or there?
Rats or cats?
Who bloody cares?
Just count the cost
of your bloody wars!


Rats Oh rats
It is time to fight
It is time to take
What belongs to Nat
Is that a meat I sight?
Yes, but it’s near the lake.

Rats Oh Rats
We have buried our tents
We are considered rodents
Even when we spice the scents
Now they lay traps on mats
So let’s aim the yachts

Rats Oh Rats
This meeting should make us dance
Mama bomboy just bought a carat
Can we steal it by any chance?
We scared Boo Harry
A second coming in a Lorry

Rachel Charles

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