Poetry: Zodiac Signs


At first sight I gave a sigh.
A sigh that burdened my relief
My relief in figuring these figures
Figures written in celestial calligraphy
Celestial calligraphy on every page
Every page of the galaxies
Galaxies that glittered the heavens
The heavens that holds the East-star.
The East-star stood still waiting the Magi.
The truth about that star you can’t vilify.

Welcome this world written in symbols,
In symbols of animals with their blood on our dates.
Our dates telling time like the sun isn’t enough.
Enough of your tales, they pave a way.
A way into the future with stories to believe.
To believe in them is the fate of the existing.
Existing are beasts, bulls, Phoenix wedding with Jupiter,
With Jupiter living, some sow their seeds in such fate.
Such fate I heard is to roll the dice and look.
Holding forth your life so it breaks the brook

The earth fired and the water aired.
Water aired for Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer,
And Cancer made it through the fire.
Fire came bearing Sagittarius, Aries and Leo,
And Leo tried but couldn’t make it to earth.
To earth, Taurus saw Virgo and Capricorn.
Capricorn ran too fast out of air
Of air were Gemini, Aquarius and Libra
And Libra left the pendulum on a scale,
With reality falling on its head or tail.

The space determines our destiny
Our destiny may be written in our palms
Our palms are different in its uniqueness
Uniqueness of the Sun and the Moon
The moon that brightens the night
The night that is dark and full of terror
Terror or joy abound by the 12 ecliptic signs
Ecliptic Signs may be written in the stars
The stars that we become are our doing
No one and nothing else can be our undoing

Four elements operational on twelve signs
Twelve signs make the zodiac traits
Zodiac traits are distinct to each sign
Sign your day, and I might tell your fate
Your fate like mine, is quite unique
Quite unique- each to his own
Own yours with knowledge of these essences
These essences; air, earth, fire and water signs
Water signs are for the exceptionally emotional.
Twelve signs, four elements make the zodiac traits operational

The sky homes twelve stars
Twelve stars that shaped a few lives
Few lives that believed myths and amusing legends
Legends that birthed a ram who lusted on the bull
The bull birthed twins and fed them with crabs and the lion
The lion had fled from the maiden with scales
Scales that gave life to the scorpion who is an archer
An archer that killed the goat
The goat that was loved by the water bearer
Who in turn love the fish that became our souls bearer.

The tales of a father to a son,
A son whose ear does not hear the sound
The sound of the scorching sun,
Sun that makes a man in a day,
A day that appears in galaxies,
In galaxies that produce a sparkling star.
Star in the eyes of a lazy boy.
Lazy boy refuses to dance,
To dance like the earth dances round the sun
From which it gets light and fun.


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