Poetry: Q-U-I-E-T-!


Be still,
hold your thought, write your feel.
Say with ease
The whispers that you please.

Calm down
Hush the the dust on ground.
Feel well,
listen to the doorbell.

To this day noise is king.
Eyeballs have ceased to roll,
from side to side to speak.
Everything is now so loud.

But you see; I love the quiet .
For in it i can honestly think.
And although it sometimes squeaks,
It will remain my blue sky on a sad day night.

I saw them in his eyes
He had said even more
The gesture in his faith
The tree in his belief

Something showed
Something spoke
His eyes grew a tongue
His stare was the loudest noise.

Bless me father
For I have scene
My confessions;

Are such and much.
The beauty of solitude-
This life of mine;
A quiet drama of sorts.


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