Poetry: Faces of Wisdom


You lord of wits
Who has the air, water and moon?
You lord of wits
I was borne to hear you too soon.
Taking my roles and my short skits,
First you came as a child by noon
then as monsters in a cartoon
You lord of wits.

Dignified phases
taking the shape of status.
Becoming the untold god
Lost coincidence
found in age

You lord of wits
cold dark sun of the afternoon
You lord of wits
Six three times like the month of June.
eyes like the lukewarm in dark pits
Whale in the heart of our lagoon.
The one fed to us with one spoon
You lord of wits

the one like diamond
Today stone, tomorrow a rock.
Tomorrow rock, next – my precious.
Heal our foolish scars
Redeem us

We know nothing
Of time ticking to meet Descartes
We know nothing
How Aurelius and Kant part,
The trouble that comes with northing,
The darkness in the light of art
Where foolishness competes with smart
We know nothing.

Are quiet
People listening
Unheard in crowded places.
They listen too loud to speak.
They are different.
They are wise

We know nothing
Of the insight of Hume, his heart
We know nothing
Of why learning falls from her chart
Charting to heal us from numbing.
These faces are here to impart
And until the day they depart
We know nothing.

Ask for help.
The stool is humble
The back seat may be quiet
Wisdom is kept for the meek.
These stars stay strong up
Seek wisdom.

Behold the face
On which the light of life once burn
Behold the face
That opens up at its own pace
That causes the foolish to run
And to their shame its wisdom won
Behold the face

This same face
Most times wore a smile
On it the eastern sunrise
And at dusk, sets on its lips
Beyond; what you see,
Young, old, all

Behold the face
Glowing with oil from wisdom’s urn
Behold the face
That separates a fool from an ace
It wears caution’s marks on its stern,
And verdicts of Kings rely on
Behold the face

Capture its
Image, engrave it
On floors and walls of your world
Look into it day and night
Until you reflect
Those faces


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